A30 Normanville Cream Limestone

A gentle golden cream limestone  with swathes of fine grain , suitable for flooring and all internal stonework.

Available in a wide range of  large format finishes including pillowed edge 1200 x 600 x 20mm.

Standard sizes of tile:






Random patterns or other sizes and thicknesses upon request

Normanville Cream Limestone is a gentle pale gold. It provides a warmth of tone with swathes of fine grain adding depth of character.

Available in large blocks and slabs for flooring and bespoke stonework of all kinds. The stone is available in a range of standard sizes  for flooring in a honed finish but  bespoke finishes are also available.  Recent projects have included a large barn development with a pillowed edge flagstone and a Queen Anne house with a hallway in Normanville Cream with  black slate cabochons.

Alternatives  to the Normanville Cream for a pale limestone with some warmth would be St Limoux limestone which has a finer grain and the Bianco Siena which has a more open grain. If an added element of pink is of interest, consider the Burgundy limestone. Out of these options, Normanville Cream will be at the start of the budget.