Split Face stone cladding:

Splitting the stone results in a raw and rugged finish. We are Split face specialists.

1. Supersize Split face Roman travertine - Ancient Rome style.

2. Strata Slim split face Roman Travertine -  heavy texture with chiselled drill lines. Up to 1200x600 and only 20-25mm thick

3. Nero Zimbabwe Extra Black Split Face - up to 3m in length in 100mm thick. Shown here with a honed mitred top. Alternative black options are Kirk Nero and Basaltina.

4. Split face Olinda limestone with fine drill lines- a rocky face in cool white displaying the mason's drill marks. Also available in Oscar Blue and Corcovado Grey.

5. Extra White Split face, available up to 1200x600 with no drill lines in 130mm. Smaller formats can be slimmer.

6. St Moritz offers a split face grey quartzite straight from the Alps,  that is a credible alternative to the more expensive Valser.

7. Italian Green granite offers an exciting option in split face with dark green and white elements that can be matched with  textured paving.



Applied Texture Stone Cladding

Ancient and modern techniques are used to mechanically apply the texture.

1. Spa walls with the light from the water reflected on the texture. Our Bianco Siena Sandblasted was recently used in a private spa with Mandorla bush hammered used in the shower area and for the flooring.

2. Exterior cladding - Our Bianco Ondulata and Bianco Forte offer a good range of fine texture designs for exterior white limestone cladding. Recently specified for a hotel in Qatar.

3. Explore the possibilities for restaurants and reception areas  with  the calm neutral tones and organic texture of textured stone cladding.

4. The mechanical process can raise the profile of fossils in some stones. The Bianco Sienna in the Cortecchio finish displays shell fragments which caught the eye of the designer who specified it for a beach restaurant in St Tropez

5. A flamed finish will provide a rough and consistent textured finish. Try Lucca Beige Flamed or Lucca Grey as good examples of this.


TYPE: Applied Texture stone Cladding
Texture Wall in Siena Stone Collection
Texture Wall in Siena Stone Collection


Texture on a stone face can be as subtle as a fine sandblast to a raw split face. The textures reveal the organic nature of the stone in a way that cannot be replicated in man made materials.

Texture can be applied in 2 ways. Firstly by splitting the stone which results in a raw rugged finish. Secondly by using ancient and modern techniques to mechanically apply the texture.

We specialise in large format textured cladding for interior and exterior projects. Projects vary from a bathroom feature wall in Ibiza, a beach restaurant in St Tropez and a restaurant in Mumbai .

We offer an impressive 1200x600 format in a range of stones with a split face finish. The Roman travertine can also be produced as a much larger piece of 2400x1200 in small quantities. The stone will need mechanical fixing to anchor the stone to the substrate.

Drill lines may be required on some limestones and this can add to the raw appeal. For a split face white limestone limestone without drill lines we can offer our Extra White Split Face Limestone in 1200x600.

Different subtle textures can be used side by side. This approach was applied with a range of white limestones recently specified by WATG for a hotel in Qatar.

Contact us at sales@stone-projects.com for more information on textured stone if you have a project in mind.

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